Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Green at Circuit City

Circuit City has put together a 5-step approach to going green (with a little help from them). There's value in it for you, and not just the value that comes from you doing your part to keep the planet inhabitable for future generations. Of course, you'll also lower your energy bills when you waste less. BUT - Circuit City has added a few more incentives for you to go green.

Circuit City Brand Logo 125x125

  1. Recycle cell phones and rechargeable batteries at your local Circuit City Store.

  2. Trade in your old computer or iPod for a Circuit City gift card!

  3. To easily turn off all electronics when not in use, use a surge protector and just flip the switch (your electronics are using energy even while not in use)

  4. Use new rechargeable and energy-efficient batteries like Sanyo Eneloop, Duracell and Energizer

  5. Use ENERGY STAR electronics and appliances. They meet strict energy efficiency guidelines from the federal government.

You can view the latest Circuit City online coupon codes at of course.

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