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KMart: How To Save Money Shopping Online At KMart

New Deals Online at Kmart

We've been revisiting Kmart's website for our shopping review of Kmart coupons, Kmart sales and Kmart shipping and return policies. There have been a few updates - we even clarified something on their site that was confusing and suggested Kmart update their own site to reflect correct info. That's the beauty of Centsible: we read the fine print for you and analyze it, calling customer service if we have to, so you can know exactly how to be the smartest shopper possible.

Kmart Coupons

Kmart's Shipping Policies

You may not know it, but KMart is owned by Sears. The shipping and returns policies of the two stores often overlap. Its difficult to tell if the shipping rates at Kmart have gone up since we last checked in 2009: Kmart prices its shipping by item and also the delivery preference. A couple things are new with Kmart's shipping however.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

First, Kmart now ships to both Alaska and Hawaii: their website gives conflicting information on this one so we called them up and asked. The customer service team had to inquire themselves but did confirm that shipping is available to these two states now. K-mart also now offers both a Ship Vantage program and Go-fer shop online and pick-up in store program.

Ship Vantage Membership

When you participate in Kmart's Ship Vantage, you'll receive free standard shipping at both Kmart and Sears for 12 months. 2-day shipping runs $0.99 per item and overnight shipping is $3.99 per item. You'll get a free 30-day trial of the program when you sign up. If you choose to keep it, you'll be charged $79.99 for the year of this service.

Go-Fer Shop Online and Pick-Up In Store

Kmart now offers a facility where you can shop online for items and pick them up in store. Not all of Kmarts items are eligible for this service: look for the "Go-fer" logo. Some items are available the same day and can be picked up 2 hours after ordering online. Other items are "available the next day" and you will receive a confirmation email within 2 hours of ordering with a time frame that your order will be available for pick up.

Kmart's Return Policy

We did note on Kmart's returns policy that you must now include the original packaging with your returned item and also several aditional items have been added to the list of items that can only be exchanged for an identical item after the packaging has been opened. The returns policy at Kmart remains comparable to that of other stores.

All in all, we've seen a HUGE improvement in Kmart's online site over the past few years. Go ahead and check it out for yourself - you'll be surprised!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dark Side of 'Underland' - How much do Alice and Dorothy have in common?

A movie match-up instead of stacking savings strategies

Centsible, the savvy shopper's blog, is taking a break from deal hunting today and instead is finding connections in mega-blockbuster movies. Today we're not matching up shipping deals, retail coupons or sales tax savings. Instead, we're dishing insight on last weekend's blockbuster release, Alice In Wonderland. There was something a bit 'curious' (yet not obvious) about the 2010 film version of this classic tale. In fact, it took a few days to realize this story has been told before.

Not a "reimagination" of the Alice In Wonderland story

Buy advance tickets to Alice in Wonderland

The Alice In Wonderland of 2010 and The Wizard of Oz from 1939 have more than a few similarities. Both Alice and Dorothy are spirited girls in mundane situations. Dorothy is in Kansas in the middle of nowhere and Alice finds herself nearly engaged to a self-important dud of a man in Victorian England. One is blown away by a cyclone to somewhere over the rainbow, while the other falls down a rabbit hole when chasing a waistcoat-wearing white rabbit. Dorothy finds friendship in a brainless scarecrow and a cowardly lion. Alice gets support from a mad hatter and a Bandersnatch monster. Dorothy is after the wicked witch's broomstick while Alice steals the Red Queen's Vorpal Sword. At the end of it all, both ladies are given the option of remaining in their wonderlands or returning home, with the final choice being theirs.

A headstrong girl for a story's heroine is a formula appearing in many tales, but Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard Of Oz have more than just the main characters in common. Both Alice and Dorothy reacquaint themselves with personalities appearing in both their real and their fantasy worlds. Farmhands Zeke, Hickory and Hunk are reintroduced in Oz as the scarecrow, the tinman and the cowardly lion. Alice finds great similarities with Underland's Tweedledum & Tweedledee and twins Faith & Fiona (from her engagement party). Absolum the Caterpillar and Lord Ascot are both older & wise male characters who respect Alice's judgment. While Dorothy's Wicked Witch of the West simply is Miss Almira Gulch (her foe back in Kansas), Alice confronts the simple concept of being true to herself and not just performing others' expectations. More than a passing resemblance can be put on the Red & White Queens and The Wicked Witch of the West & Glinda the Good Witch. Almost everywhere you look in Wonderland you'll find a reminder of Oz.

Beautiful to watch but difficult to film

1951 Alice In Wonderland Cartoon

Each movie's filming conditions were difficult on both the actors and post-production teams. Alice in Wonderland made use of a green screen technique for its combination of live action and animation. Long filming hours using the green screen nauseated many cast members, with director Tim Burton even requiring lavender tinted glasses to counteract the effects of the green. The Wizard of Oz relied on technicolor for much of its visual brilliance. Technicolor requires the use of extreme lighting, often raising temperatures to over 100 degrees on the set. Baking heat with cumbersome costumes and sometimes toxic makeup plagued The Wizard's cast. Post-production efforts on both pieces were also time consuming, however The Wizard of Oz took a different path than Alice In Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland was filmed in 2D, with post-production teams applying the 3D effects after the scenes were shot. They continued with this plan through the end of production. MGM's art department began The Wizard of Oz using the arduous and lengthy post-process of manually 'stencil printing' sepia tones on each film frame to ease the transitions from black-and-white to technicolor. They later abandoned this practice to take the 'easy' route and paint the barn's interior sepia and dress Dorothy in sepia tones as she opened the barn door to the colorful Oz (with the whole scene filmed in color) during one of the film' most memorable scenes.

They both have their own unique "muchness"

This is not the first time the Wizard of Oz has been connected to other cultural phenomenons. Comparisons have already been made between the two stories themselves. Both involve a young heroine's adventures in an alter-world. Political interpretations were assigned to both Frank L. Baum's Wizard story and Lewis Carroll's Alice story: The Wizard of Oz is said to represent America's Great Depression and Alice In Wonderland has characters connected with English history in Bill the Lizard (Benjamin Disraeli) and the War of the Roses. The 'Dark Side of the Rainbow' names Pink Floyd's 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon as an alternate score for 1939's The Wizard of Oz film. What we haven't yet tried is looking for synchronicity between The Dark Side of the Moon and Alice in Wonderland 2010 (although we're sure someone eventually will). Despite all the similarities with The Wizard of Oz, the 2010 release of Alice In Wonderland stands on its own as an original work. It definitely doesn't follow the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass books or even Disney's 1951 cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. The stunning visuals and special effects of 2010's Alice in Wonderland will guarantee its place next to last century's cinematographic masterpiece, The Wizard of Oz. Maybe the most compelling comparison between these two films is their possession of great 'muchness'.

Alice In Wonderland movie tickets online at Fandango for your purchase.

Buy advance tickets to Alice in Wonderland

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Delivery by Valentines Day Is Still Possible

Delivery by Valentines Day Is Still Possible

Order Valentines Flowers Online

Centsible Valentines Shopping

There is still hope for those last-minute Valentines Day Shoppers. Centsible will be tweeting up a storm for the rest of the week, letting you know what stores can still send your sweetie a Valentine in time for the big day this year. In 2010, Valentines Day falls on a Sunday.

Valentines Day SUNDAY in 2010

A Valentines Sunday puts a wrench in many plans for those who normally order floral delivery for their Valentine: many florists don't deliver on Sundays. UPS is another provider that does not offer Sunday delivery. Your best bet will be to get deliveries made Friday or Saturday. Let Centsible do the legwork on finding out who can still accomodate these delivery dates. Follow Centsible's Tweets to get updates on Valentines Delivery Ordering Deadlines for the rest of the week.

Dinner and a Movie

If you're staying in for Valentines Day this year, we can help you make your evening extra special as well as giving you shopping tips for your gifts. We've been researching BLOCKBUSTER Online and Netflix for your movie at home. Dinner? We've checked out and are prepared to let you know how to make the best of this online service to order your dinners delivered. If you DO decide to brave the weather and the other lovebirds who are out and about this Valentines Day, we've also got the goods on Fandango: find out what is playing where, what the showtimes are and order your movie tickets online, all in one place!

Stick with Centsible all week long and have the best Valentines Day for less this year. And don't forget about our giveaway: you can enter through February 14. We're giving away a $50 gift certificate to NOVICA. If you haven't joined already, you need to get in on it!

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Win a $50 NOVICA Gift Card from Centsible

Win a $50 NOVICA Gift Card from Centsible

Enter up to 5 times between Feb. 9 and Feb. 14, 2010

Centsible is introducing a new online store to its shopping advice site with a $50 gift card giveaway!

The store is NOVICA, a unique website offering artisans across the globe a platform to independently sell their wares. On NOVICA, you can purchase home décor, gifts, fine arts and apparel & accessories from artisans in the regions of West Africa, Thailand, Mexico, India, Central America, Brazil, Bali & Java and the Andes.

There are five ways you can enter to win this $50 NOVICA gift card:

  1. Follow Centsible's 'Deals of the Day' Blog and post a comment on this page stating your favorite product available on NOVICA. Your favorite product does not have to be one you intend on purchasing, just the item you find the most exciting. (You must be an active Centsible Deals of the Day blog follower at the time of the drawing to claim your prize)
  2. Get an extra entry by following Centsible's Tweets on Twitter and tweeting about this giveaway on Twitter and being sure to include the tag #vdaycentsible in your tweet.
  3. An extra entry is given when you blog about Centsible's $50 NOVICA gift card giveaway and send us an email at with a link to your blog post
  4. Get another entry when you Become a fan of Centsible of Facebook and post a message about your Valentines Day Plans this year.
  5. Get yet another entry when you become Centsible's Friend on MySpace and add a comment to our MySpace Page.

A few products available online from NOVICA

NOVICA offers over 10,000 products. Here is a quick sampling of a few of them.

Leather backpack, 'Weathered in Brown'
Citrine and garnet pendant necklace, 'Star of India'
Beaded rattan basket, 'Forest Lightning'

View all of Centsible's NOVICA promotional codes, shopping tips and free shipping advice

Click here for the Official Rules and Regulations of Centsible's $50 NOVICA gift card giveaway.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silk Fortune Cookies - On Sale!

Silk Fortune Cookies - On Sale!

But what exactly are "Silk Fortune Cookies"? Updated our featured gifts page at Centsible, I came across these and was curious enough to take a closer look.

silk fortune cookie gift pouch

3 1/2" in length and 2 1/2" wide, this little silk brocade pouches are actually kind of cool! We can think of lots of potential uses for these too.

  • packaging for a gift card
  • packaging for a gift of money
  • packaging for a piece of jewelry
  • spare change pouch
  • travel pouch
  • keepsake pouch
The list of potential uses can go on and on. And these were just kinda cute we thought!

These Silk Fortune Cookie Cases are lined with silk and available exclusively through Gardeners' Supply Company. They come in a set of 3 and are normally priced at $16.95. As of January 31, 2010, they are on sale for just $11.99. That's $3 per case.

Gardeners Supply Company

Gardeners' Supply Company is headquartered in Vermont where they have two retail locations. This means that by law they are only required to charge sales tax on orders shipping to the state of Vermont. Most of their sales are conducted through their website. According to Vermont's WCAX, on December 21, 2009, Gardeners Supply Company became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). This means that the company's 250 employees in effect own the company now. There is no free shipping threshold for Gardeners Supply Company and shipping charges range from $5.90 for orders totaling $10 and under up to 11% of your merchandise total for orders of $250 or more.

Getting the best deal on this item

Unless you're living in Vermont, you won't be paying any sales tax. With the current sale price of $11.99, you surpass the $5.90 shipping charge for orders totaling $10 or less and move up to the $7.90 shipping & handling category. Orders totaling $20.01 to $35 ship for $9.90 and orders between $35.01 and $50 ship for $10.90. If you can find enough items to push your total up to $75 or more, you can get Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more through 3.10.10. Clicking through the link above will activate Gardeners Supply Company Promotion Code XNET8320 to your order: all you then need to do to activate your free shipping is make a qualifying order of $75 or more.

Click through to read Centsible's entire online shopping review for Gardeners Supply Company for even more tips.

Gardener's Supply Company

New Look for Centsible in 2010!

New Look for Centsible in 2010!

Bite-size pieces of information

Centsible is starting off 2010 with a brand new look! We've got tons of bargains and are updating our savvy shopping information daily. Things can get out of hand sometimes though and when it hits you all at once it can get a little overwhelming. We've gone ahead and broken things down into more manageable chunks for you. Go ahead and have a look at Centsible's new home page!

Shop A Variety of Different Ways

Sometimes you may want to shop by store. Other times you may want to see a list of shops presented by department. There may also be times when you have a specific style or type of purchase in mind and want to do some online window shopping by viewing a selection of products from our online retailers. Shopping in all of these different ways has always been possible at Centsible, we've just never made the options and possibilities as obvious before. Give each of these shopping strategies a try: you might find a new favorite store!

Know all of the ways that you can save by shopping online

There is more to savvy online shopping than just promo codes, online sales and free shipping offers. The everyday cost of a retailer's items comes in to play. What is the big deal of a 50% discount when a certain store charges twice as much for their products in the first place? Is free shipping really a deal when the every day flat rate is just around $5? Can you get your order minus paying sales tax if you shop through someone else? Centsible is here to help you look at the big shopping picture. Read up on how to account shipping rates in to your savings strategy. Check out store's sales tax policy to see if you can get an additional percentage chopped off your bill. Quickly navigate to Centsible's hand-picked online clearance racks and featured sales.

Don't coupon codes matter?

Of course they do! A good deal is only a deal if its not shrouded in extra shipping fees, sales tax and inflated prices. Once you've done your savvy shopping online at Centsible's virtual shopping mall, check and see if you can add an online coupon or promo code to your shopping to sweeten the deal.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make another trip to and make sure you're not overlooking any way to save money when shopping online!

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Centsible's New Stores Series #6 -

Centsible's New Stores Series #6 -

Shopping Tips for Coupon/Promo Codes, Sales and Free Shipping

One Fabulous Fit available at

What is is the online store for Maidenform brand intimates. Other brands that are also sold are Flexees Shapewear, Control It! Swimwear and Lilyette bras. Maidenform, Lilyette and Flexees are sold online at Macys online: you can also shop for these intimates online at Maidenform. You won't pay sales tax on your Maidenform order unless your order is shipping to North Carolina. Its up to you to decide what is the better deal based on your timing and the destination of your package: no sales tax with or frequent "buy one get one" or "buy two get one" Maidenform deals at Macys..

What does Maidenform sell?

To put it simply, Maidenform sells undergarments, swimwear and sleepwear. These products can fall under the names of Lilyette, Maidenform, Flexees and Control It!. Within these different brand names (all available at you can purchase: nursing bras, sports bras, push-up bras, camisoles, back smoothers, soft-cup bras, demi-cup bras, T-back or "racer back" bras, minimizers, strapless bras, full-figure bras, adhesive bras, concealers / comfort accessories / enhancers, pajama sets, gowns, chemises, activewear, robes, bikinis, tangas, thongs, hipsters, briefs, G-strings, boy shorts, girl panties, high leg brief, full briefs, waist nipper briefs, waist nippers, body briefers, thigh slimmers, boy shorts, control slips, control camisoles, control thongs and the Control It! shaping swimwear collection. (Did you even know there were that many options available in womens undergarments?)

Maidenform Shipping

Deliveries from Maidenform are priced based upon the speed of delivery requested and the pre-tax total of your order: orders shipping within the United States via standard shipping and totaling over $75 SHIP FOR FREE. (This would be another thing to consider when weighing up whether or not you should purchase your Maidenform products from Maidenform's Official site or through Macy's online). Both 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air service is available for orders shipping to the United States and these names refer to business days as no deliveries are made on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Expedited delivery is not available to US Territories, Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. Orders can be placed for shipment out of the US to Canada only and this is done through CanadaExpress.

Sometimes its a better deal to shop for Maidenform, Lilyette and Flexees online at Macys, sometimes you'll get a better deal if you shop at itself. Shop with Centsible at either Macy's or Maidenform and use our tips to see where your dollar will go further.

Free Shipping on $75 orders at

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Magazine Freebies and Coupons - ALLURE, February 2010

Centsible's Magazine Summaries

Flipping through some magazines today, we thought it would be a good idea to see just how much you can save by subscribing to certain magazines. We get loads of them on all topics: parenting, beauty, fashion, cooking, electronics, home design.. What we're going to do here is keep a tally of the benefits you get through subscribing so you can make a smart decision about magazines! (Of course, there are also the articles, pretty pictures, recipes and reviews!) So we're starting off today with what rolled up in our mailbox: Allure Magazine.

ALLURE Magazine - February 2010

Single Copy Cost: $3.99

Subscription Cost: $12 yearly

Subscribe through and take $5 off any title.

Free Samples

Estee Lauder - Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum
Yves St. Laurent - Parisienne
Burberry Brit - Sheer


Target - $1 off Revlon Cosmetic Products (expires 9/30/10)

February 1: Sunsilk Hydra TLC 24/7
February 2: Tarte EmphasEyes Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner Pot in Bronze
February 3: Talika Lipocils Expert
February 4: L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base
February 5: Caresse Whipped Soufflé Ultra Silkening Body Wash
February 8: Lierac Paris Micro-Abrasion Stimulating Smoothing Cream, Inc.
Reader's Choice Awards - must be either postmarked to: Allure Readers' Choice Ballot, ATTN: Rachel Swanson, 1166 Sixth Ave., 19th Floor, New York, NY 10036 by February 28, 2010 or filled out online at by 11:59pm ET on February 28, 2010 to be entered in the drawing. You don't have to answer all the questions to be entered in the drawing


Grand Prize: Transportation to and 2 nights at the Exhale Mind/Body Spa, Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica, CA with 4 massages, 2 facials, 2 Mind/Body fitness classes, GRN skin-care and body products, dinner for 2 at Fig Restaurant and more. Value: $7,890
First Prize: $500 gift card to either a Beauty360 store or
Second Prize: Basket of Neutrogena Skin Care Products and cosmetics. Value: $350
Third Prize: Basket of Benefit makeup and fragrances. Value: $300

Sign up for freebie updates, beauty updates and more at Allure Magazine's "Beauty Blast" (delivered twice monthly).

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Centsible's New Stores Series #5 -

Centsible's New Stores Series #5 - Free Tote
Shopping Tips for Coupon/Promo Codes, Sales and Free Shipping

What is is an organic bath & body store based in North Carolina. They stock products from some of the finest names in organic cosmetics and skincare: Afterglow Cosmetics, Dr. Hauschka, Exuberance, Farfalla, Juice Beauty, John Masters, Korres, Laboratoire Cattier, Logona, Marina Cosmetics, Melvita, Naturopatch, Revolution Organics, Pangea Organics, Saaf, Rain Africa, Sophyto, Red Flower, Suki, Trilogy, Under The Canopy and Weleda. is able to ship to the United States, Canada, select other countries outside of the U.S. and APO/FPO addresses. exclusively uses UPS to ship their products and UPS can't ship to P.O. boxes so that is one place where Beautorium won't ship. carries these organic products hailing from all over the world. You won't pay sales tax on them though unless your order is shipping to North Carolina. Bath & Shower 120x600
What does sell? Beauty products, of course! We've let you know about the brands and that they're world-wide and organic, but what sort of products exactly do they stock? You can buy aromatherapy patches, anti-aging products, face care, bath & shower products, pregnancy and new baby products, men's items, hair care, kits/gifts/home fragrance, wellness products, cosmetics, candles, spawear and skincare solutions. Shipping Deliveries from don't follow a schedule of prices: they instead depend upon the zip code for delivery and the particular items being shipped. Both 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air service is available for orders shipping to the United States. Orders totaling $100 or more ship for free to the United States via standard shipping. Orders shipping to Canada take between 4 and 12 days to ship and orders shipping to other locations outside of the US take between 6 and 10 days to ship. Orders shipping within the United States with ground shipping have a delivery time based upon their proximity to North Carolina.

Other benefits of shopping online at There are a few! Aside from no sales tax for orders not shipping to North Carolina and free shipping on orders totaling $100 or more, you'll also get a free natural tote bag with every order totaling $50 or more. Beautorium has an excellent free sample program and offers many freebies with purchase on a regular basis. What are you waiting for shop online at Beautorium now and use Centsible's review as your guide to savvy savings!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Centsible's New Stores Series - #4

Centsible's New Stores Series - #4

Shopping Tips for Coupon/Promo Codes, Sales and Free Shipping

What is is a floral network based in Los Angeles, CA. THEY ARE NOT A FLORIST! They coordinate floral deliveries all over the United States and much of the rest of the world. In fact, the main two locations you can't send flowers to are Post Office Box Addresses and APO/FPO addresses. As such, you won't pay any tax on your order UNLESS IT IS SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA.
What does sell? Flowers, of course! More than that that though, you can also purchase gift baskets containing spa products, gourmet foods and regional cuisines, cookies, cakes, balloons, teddy bears and cakes at The various flowers are fulfilled by subscribing florists in's network. Gift baskets will be sent in the post. Shipping Deliveries from start at $9.99 and depend upon whether or not expedited delivery is required, the type of product and other factors. prides itself on paying great attention to funeral flowers. They liaise with funeral homes regarding viewing information and delivery times and will even look up the exact address of the funeral home and / or zip code if you are unable to provide it. Be sure to specify if this is the purpose of your flower order: also if it is a birthday or anniversary delivery as it was noted that they do show special attention towards birthday and anniversary floral orders. DOES offer Sunday delivery: this is not a common thing in the floral delivery world! operates a floral network that also allows them to deliver flowers to most destinations worldwide. In fact, the only destinations explicitly stated on they they CANNOT deliver to are Post Office Box Addresses and APO / FPO addresses.

A few more questions..

Honestly, Centsible has a few more questions on For example, what exactly IS their floral network? Are they in collaboration with any other major florists? What is the delivery schedule and price list for items such as gift baskets? We've sent an email to and will be posting our findings at our main site,

Click here to read Centsible's full review of

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Centsible's New Stores Series - #3

Centsible's New Stores Series - #3

Shopping Tips for Coupon/Promo Codes, Sales and Free Shipping

Chocolate Gifts from

What is brings more shopping power to you through Centsible's online shopping mall. Not a chocolatier or chocolate factory themselves, instead showcases some of the United States finest chocolatiers. In fact, we even looked up and listed all's represented chocolate makers by state for your convenience. Knowing where the chocolate makers are located can be helpful if you're looking to save on your shipping costs or you want your chocolate to arrive at its quickest! The best way to use this listing is to do a product search at on the chocolatier's name. Some of your chocolate shop's confections will show up in the search, just click on the link of the Chocolatier name to visit's page on them. represents many fine chocolate-makers in the following areas: Canada, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Of course you can get your chocolate delivered to ANY state and even a few select countries OUTSIDE the US, but the cost and delivery time depend both on your order's destination AND the fulfilling chocolatier.

What does sell? Chocolate, of course! More than that that though, you can also purchase fudge, brownies, cookies and cakes at Some of the represeneted chocolatiers also offer gift baskets. The variety of chocolates is also astounding. There are organic and fair-trade chocolates, certified Kosher chocolate, sugar-free goodies, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.. You can have photos imprinted on chocolates, serve personalized wedding favors, make corporate orders. offers many treats specific to the holidays: Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day and Christmas to name a few of the more popular Chocolate holidays.

Fresh Made Brownies and More Chocolate Gifts at Shipping All shipping for is arranged through UPS, but the individual chocolate shops are responsible for the actual packaging. One thing is static across the board though: you won't pay sales tax on your orders placed through! Your shipping costs will actually vary based upon the location to where you are delivering your order and the specific chocolate shop that will be fulfilling your order. As uses UPS exclusively for deliveries, there is no delivery to Post Office Box addresses and deliveries are only made Monday through Friday, exclusive of public holidays.

For a selection of boutique chocolatiers and to support small independent business, you want to visit Shop now with Centsible's full review.