Thursday, September 9, 2010

KMart: How To Save Money Shopping Online At KMart

New Deals Online at Kmart

We've been revisiting Kmart's website for our shopping review of Kmart coupons, Kmart sales and Kmart shipping and return policies. There have been a few updates - we even clarified something on their site that was confusing and suggested Kmart update their own site to reflect correct info. That's the beauty of Centsible: we read the fine print for you and analyze it, calling customer service if we have to, so you can know exactly how to be the smartest shopper possible.

Kmart Coupons

Kmart's Shipping Policies

You may not know it, but KMart is owned by Sears. The shipping and returns policies of the two stores often overlap. Its difficult to tell if the shipping rates at Kmart have gone up since we last checked in 2009: Kmart prices its shipping by item and also the delivery preference. A couple things are new with Kmart's shipping however.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

First, Kmart now ships to both Alaska and Hawaii: their website gives conflicting information on this one so we called them up and asked. The customer service team had to inquire themselves but did confirm that shipping is available to these two states now. K-mart also now offers both a Ship Vantage program and Go-fer shop online and pick-up in store program.

Ship Vantage Membership

When you participate in Kmart's Ship Vantage, you'll receive free standard shipping at both Kmart and Sears for 12 months. 2-day shipping runs $0.99 per item and overnight shipping is $3.99 per item. You'll get a free 30-day trial of the program when you sign up. If you choose to keep it, you'll be charged $79.99 for the year of this service.

Go-Fer Shop Online and Pick-Up In Store

Kmart now offers a facility where you can shop online for items and pick them up in store. Not all of Kmarts items are eligible for this service: look for the "Go-fer" logo. Some items are available the same day and can be picked up 2 hours after ordering online. Other items are "available the next day" and you will receive a confirmation email within 2 hours of ordering with a time frame that your order will be available for pick up.

Kmart's Return Policy

We did note on Kmart's returns policy that you must now include the original packaging with your returned item and also several aditional items have been added to the list of items that can only be exchanged for an identical item after the packaging has been opened. The returns policy at Kmart remains comparable to that of other stores.

All in all, we've seen a HUGE improvement in Kmart's online site over the past few years. Go ahead and check it out for yourself - you'll be surprised!

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