Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Look for Centsible in 2010!

New Look for Centsible in 2010!

Bite-size pieces of information

Centsible is starting off 2010 with a brand new look! We've got tons of bargains and are updating our savvy shopping information daily. Things can get out of hand sometimes though and when it hits you all at once it can get a little overwhelming. We've gone ahead and broken things down into more manageable chunks for you. Go ahead and have a look at Centsible's new home page!

Shop A Variety of Different Ways

Sometimes you may want to shop by store. Other times you may want to see a list of shops presented by department. There may also be times when you have a specific style or type of purchase in mind and want to do some online window shopping by viewing a selection of products from our online retailers. Shopping in all of these different ways has always been possible at Centsible, we've just never made the options and possibilities as obvious before. Give each of these shopping strategies a try: you might find a new favorite store!

Know all of the ways that you can save by shopping online

There is more to savvy online shopping than just promo codes, online sales and free shipping offers. The everyday cost of a retailer's items comes in to play. What is the big deal of a 50% discount when a certain store charges twice as much for their products in the first place? Is free shipping really a deal when the every day flat rate is just around $5? Can you get your order minus paying sales tax if you shop through someone else? Centsible is here to help you look at the big shopping picture. Read up on how to account shipping rates in to your savings strategy. Check out store's sales tax policy to see if you can get an additional percentage chopped off your bill. Quickly navigate to Centsible's hand-picked online clearance racks and featured sales.

Don't coupon codes matter?

Of course they do! A good deal is only a deal if its not shrouded in extra shipping fees, sales tax and inflated prices. Once you've done your savvy shopping online at Centsible's virtual shopping mall, check and see if you can add an online coupon or promo code to your shopping to sweeten the deal.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make another trip to and make sure you're not overlooking any way to save money when shopping online!

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