Saturday, September 20, 2008

Save on Halloween Costumes From Disney

Costume scenario A vs. scenario B means a difference of $20!

DisneyShopping has released some new coupon codes today, COSTUME and TREATS. When you apply promo code COSTUME during checkout, you get a 50% discount on Halloween costume accessories when also purchsing a full-priced costume from DisneyShopping's Halloween Bootique. Promo code TREATS gives you free shipping on your qualifying Bootique costume and accessory purchases. Reading the terms and conditions of these offers, it says that promo code COSTUME cannot be combined with other offers though. But these two codes are being advertised in tandem! Are they really stackable? We'll find out for you.

Scenario A: We decided to try these offers out on a Cinderella costume. There will be plenty of accessories to use the COSTUME code on. First, we found a Cinderella Costume at full price for $39.50. Then we added a Cinderella Light-Up Wand with Sound for $12.50, a Cinderella Clutch with Bangle for $12.50, a Cinderella Princess Crown for $12.50 and Cinderella Lace Shoes for $16.50. Our order's subtotal came to $77.

When we tried to apply promo code COSTUME, it showed as ineligible. It was a full price Disney costume - what was the problem? Initially we entered promo code TREAT for the free shipping promotion and that came up as an INVALID code. We actually forgot to add the 'S' onto the end of the code. When we entered promo code TREATS it took and we were granted free shipping. Shipping on our order of $77 would've been $13.50 (orders totalling between $75.01 and $100 are charged $13.50 for shipping & handling). Thus, our order price with the merchandise total and shipping cost (exclusive of tax) would come to $90.50. The free shipping promo saves us that $13.50 shipping charge, bringing the order total down to $77 again, representing a savings of about 17.5%.

Scenario B: We at Centsible are determined to get a deal though. This time we click on a Cinderella Costume right in one of the "picture frames" in the Halloween Bootique. We didn't take their suggested accessories, keeping the ones we had previously selected in our cart. Any difference? The costume was the same price but a slightly different style. Did the coupon code COSTUME work? No.

We messed around with things again. We removed our original Cinderella accessories from the shopping cart and took the ones automatically recommended for our costume at the Halloween Bootique. These were the Cinderella Tiara for Girls for $10.50, the Magical Light-Up Cinderella Wand for $10.50 and the Magical Twinkle Light Cinderella Shoes for Girls for $14.50. When we proceeded to the check out, our coupon code COSTUME was still in the cart and it was now working! The costume accessories were all showing prices of 50% off and our subtotal was now $57.25 (a merchandise discount of $17.75 from COSTUME). Shipping on this reduced merchandise total would now be $12.50 (the cost for merchandise totalling between $50.01 and $75), but coupon code TREATS was still working and our shipping was FREE (a shipping discount of $12.50 from TREATS)! Total price with shipping (exclusive of sales tax) - $57.25. The price before discount with shipping charges for that higher price would've been $70.75. These two codes ARE stackable!

Was it just the accessories that made coupon code COSTUME ineligible? We replaced the new dress again with our original one. Again, the coupon code didn't work and we paid full price on the accessories. Verdict - you have to choose both costume and accessories from the costume displayed in the picture frames on the opening page of the Bootique. Scenario A saved $13.50, the same as Scenario B. The percentage saved was 19% in scenario B though, whereas in A you only save 15%

Save 50% on ALL costume accessories with the purchase of a costume and FREE SHIPPING at now through September 21, 2008. Use Promo Codes COSTUME and TREATS.

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