Friday, September 18, 2009

Earn some extra cash as a partner for local deliveryWith the economic situation many people find themselves in currently, everyone is looking to make a little extra cash. The website offers a great way to accomplish this. Depending on the level of commitment you're willing to sign on with, you'll earn a portion of commissions for advertisers and merchants you recruit. is a website that offers online ordering and delivery for local restaurants, catering companies, grocery stores, alchoholic beverages, household products, personal goods, flowers and gifts. The types of products available for delivery will depend on your exact street address and zip code. After you enter your information, relevant categories with participating merchants will have their links in yellow (inactive categories will be colored grey). If you don't see your favorite restaurant, grocer, florist, gift shop, wine merchant or convenience store, don't fret. This lack of your favorite shop is your opportunity to make some cash!

local delivery from delivery.comSo.. how can you make money off this? First, you have to fill out the free application form available at the website. Choose your level of membership: bronze, silver or gold. What are the differences between these membership levels? Commitment. At the core of it, you pledge to do no harm to or its reputation. For the silver level, you have to agree to not discourage any of your referrals from continued participation with The gold level of membership additionally requires you to not take any "pre emptive" measures concerning business opportunities that may present themselves to For example, say a restaurant that you referred to is friendly with the florist down the road and sometimes offers a combo deal on surf & turf meals with a dozen roses. If you try to present the florist as another recruit to (when is aware of this said florist and the pursuant business opportunity) you would be in violation of your agreement. Of course there are more terms to the agreement and you should visit yourself and read the "fine print" to understand all the terms, but the above information is the basic gist of things.

How much money do you stand to make? It varies upon your membership level. (Note: you can change membership levels at any time, your royalties will reflect your active membership level at the time of the merchant signing with Bronze memberships offer 25% of the commission. Silver memberships reward you with 35% of's commission. And gold memberships? They pay 50% of the commission. You can even double-dip if you've referred both the customer and the merchant!

You might not get rich, but you can easily make some spare cash and keep seeing royalty payments for years afterwards!

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