Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Herman Miller's "Embody" Chair - Get a free polished aluminum base

Now through September 28, 2009, get a free polished aluminum base ($250 value) when you purchase Herman Miller's new "Embody" chair and enter UltimateBackStore.com promo code chrome250.

Most products from theultimatebackstore.com ship for free and sales tax is only charged for orders shipping to Illinois.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The back and seat of the chair have visible "points of contact" referred to as "pixilation". These are said to encourage body movement. The mesh and foam construction of this chair also provide it with breathability. The solid construction is appropriate for people of all sizes.

pixilation: 1) somewhat unbalanced, mentally 2)Whimsical

Ok.. maybe that isn't a reassuring definition for a piece of furniture that costs over $1000. I looked further and did a Google search on the term "ergonomic pixilation" hoping for a more suitable definition. We came across an article from PlasticsNews.com on the announcement of the International Plastics Designers Award Winners. Sure enough, specific mention of this chair occured.

Furniture: Herman Miller Inc.'s Embody Chair uses acetyl from BASF AG in a highly recyclable work chair that features an ergonomic “pixilated” back molded to provide both strength and flexibility for long-term comfort in the office setting. Cascade Engineering Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich., and ITW Dahti of Rockford, Mich., are molders of the seat for Zeeland, Mich.-based Herman Miller.

The price on this chair at The Ultimate Back Store is running $1,099 as of September 21, 2009. That's $300 cheaper than the same product at Amazon.com. The one for sale at amazon also doesn't have any freebies and carries a shipping charge that varies, but averages at around $100.

On eBay, we found the "Buy It Now" pricing on Herman Miller Embody Chairs to again be $1,399 (although free shipping DID apply for some of these, but NO free aluminum bases).

So, why would you buy a chair like the Herman Miller Embody Chair? Its high quality and built to last a lifetime. It is prestigious. AND, if you have any sort of back problems and spend a lot of time in your desk, the comfort provided will probably save you in lost productivity time and chiropractor / massage visits. Taking a note from Google's business ethic: make your environment more of a pleasure to work in and you'll spend more time working.

Centsible.net has reviews of three online locations you can purchase the Herman Miller 'Embody' chair from. Check them out to view shipping policies, shipping costs, return policies and the products themselves.

The Centsible verdict is that the Herman Miller Embody Chair from theultimatebackstore.com IS a deal!

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