Monday, October 13, 2008

A Free Dozen Organic Roses

Send Eco-elegant flowers

OK, you do have to buy something to get the free roses, but this is a real deal in our eyes. We received an email this afternoon from Organic Bouquet about "Free Roses For Sweetest Day". The title of that email was interesting enough for us to open it. Upon opening the email, here's what we found. It's basically a Buy One, Get One Free deal where they've thrown in a free glass vase as well - not too shabby. As always, we've tried the offer out. What did we find? You can't get this deal by going directly to You have to receive an email from Organic Bouquet and click on the link in the email. Your item will be described as "one dozen assorted roses with a free dozen & glass vase" and the price will be $49.95. You can always get an additional dozen for $20 more from Organic Bouquet (first dozen is $49.95). Your final price should be $49.95 with this offer, which (again) will only happen if you click on a link from an exclusive email from Organic Bouquet. Our suggestion to get in on this offer if you haven't got the email yet - go to Organic Bouquet and sign up to receive emails! One final caveat to the offer: Sweetest Day is Saturday, October 16 and Saturday delivery costs an extra $10. It's still a great deal though!

Sweetest Day is October 18. When you purchase one dozen roses from Organic Bouquet, they'll throw in another dozen roses for free, along with a glass vase. This offer is good through Friday, October 17. Also note that this offer is good on assorted roses only. To ensure that you get your roses delivered on time though, you'll want to order them as soon as possible.

If you don't realize the importance of organic and certified flowers, you may want to read a piece we put together on why you should Order Organic Flowers. Flower farms have a big impact on our environment, we put them close to us (so you don't want lots of pesticides on them), and the majority are farmed outside of the US where chemical regulations are perhaps not as stringent and would allow for some pretty scary stuff being sprayed on them! Finally, flower farm workers are not treated very well at many flower farms. Read up on organic flowers, it will definitely make you look at flowers differently!

Back to the deal... Normally, your two dozen organic roses would run you $85 with a glass vase. Through this Friday, get the 2 dozen assorted roses with a glass vase for just $49.95. That's nearly a half price discount. I think that's enough of a bargain to justify flowers even if it wasn't sweetest day (and we're not really sure when Sweetest Day originated anyways!).

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