Friday, October 10, 2008

Grocery Coupons are a hot item

Grocery Coupons Are A Popular Topic

Signing in to my Yahoo account this morning, I noticed that "grocery coupons" is one of the top searched topics online today. That is hardly surprising, considering the price that even the most basic staples have risen to lately. If you're searching online for grocery coupons, you don't want to miss out on the list of grocer's websites in both the United States and Canada that has compiled (and continues to add to). In fact, if you DON'T see your local grocer on your list, be sure to make a comment to this blog and we'll get it up there if it exists!

Where To Find Grocery Coupons Online

There are alot of sites out there for printable grocery coupons. Some sites focus on grocery coupons & savings and will charge a subscription price for you to use them. Other sites require you to register. Most sites will allow you to print your grocery coupons at home for free. You can even find forums where members trade coupons and point you to hot offers online. A quick search on google or yahoo will provide you with a long list of places to check. You can try the search terms "grocery coupons", "printable grocery coupons", "manufacturer coupon", "store coupon", "double coupons", "triple coupons", "grocery coupons online", "coupon forum", "coupon blog" etc..

Be aware that the term "coupon" is notorious with spam sites and you may have to wade through a lot of junk to get what you need. You could alternatively go straight to the source and visit a product manufacturer's website or your local grocer's website to check for coupons that you know you will use. Signing up to be on the mailing list of your favorite products is a good idea. You will often get emailed special offers for printable coupons, free samples and more.

Why You Need To Register To Print Coupons At Home

Even when getting your coupons directly from a manufacturer or your local grocery, you will most likely need to register and perhaps install software to be able to print coupons at home. You know the fine print on your coupons where you find the expiration date? They do take the limit of coupons allowed per person seriously and enforce that by limiting the number of coupons you are allowed to print. Often, the manufacturer or grocer will rely on a 3rd party to come up with and maintain the program where you can print a specified number of coupons. Some grocer's allow you to 'load' your coupons electronically on to your club card. This negates the need to even print coupons at all and also ensures you won't forget your coupons at home or forget to use them while checking out.

How To Use Grocery Coupons For Maximum Savings

You can usually 'stack' manufacturer's coupons with grocery store coupons, just read the fine print. For example, say you have a coupon from Jewel-Osco for $1 off BirdsEye Vegetables and a manufacturer coupon from Bird's Eye Vegetables themselves for $1 off. You can probably use both coupons together for a total savings of $2. Better that deal if your store features a double-coupons or even a triple-coupons day. Many online grocery delivery services accept manufacturer's coupons as well. You can find numerous blogs online where people share their grocery shopping secrets and how they use coupons to sometimes even make money. Have a look around!

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