Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cookies Kids Sales-Tax Free Shopping

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Centsible's Sales Tax Free Shopping Series

Cookies Kids Only Charges Sales Tax For Orders Shipping to New York.

Cookies Kids Department Store offers sales tax savings for anyone who will be delivering their package outside of New York. All orders shipping to addresses outside of New York DO NOT have sales tax applied to them.

How much savings does this mean and what are the shipping charges?

Free Shipping on all merchandise by The North Face!

Depending on the state and even the city or county you live in, your state sales tax savings vary wildly for clothing. California's sales taxes on clothing run between 7% and 9%, whereas other states like Minnesota and New York do NOT charge sales tax on clothing. Wait one minute, New York does not charge sales tax on clothing? But that is the only state where Cookies charges sales tax? I placed a phone call to Cookies Department Store to look into this..

I spent a bit of time on hold while the very accomodating staff at Cookies looked into this. Apparently there IS sales tax in New York on clothing. Maybe not in the five boroughs of New York City though? I'm not really sure, as I'd read an article online about the tax free shopping benefits to Manhattan. Anyone familiar with New York sales tax is welcome to respond to this and further clarify the matter if they'd like.

Is this a good deal for you?

As we stated before, this topic is tricky. The most relevant thing a non-tax professional can say is to check the clothing sales tax rate for your locale. We have America's highest sales tax rate in Chicago at 10.25%. We also have horrible parking fees and a steadily increasing cost for public transport so I would definitely make use of Cookie's for savings! Standard delivery for Cookies's clothing, accessories and toys depends on the method of shipment requested, your delivery location and the total weight of your order. Cookies Kids offers next day, 2-day and 3-day shipping in addition to standard shipping. Rates usually start at around $7 for shipping, but again, this depends on several factors and no set schedule applies. Cookies Kids also offers free shipping on items from The North Face as a standard policy. The Centsible opinion is to definitely think of Cookies for clothing from The North Face (and to give them strong consideration for their other extensive product lines like school uniforms and layette items).

Be sure to check out Centsible's full online review of the Cookies Kids Online Shopping Experience for full details. For part 7 in the series, tomorrow we'll be reviewing Kegworks online shopping sales tax breaks.

* Sales tax rate information for Chicago was taken from a article dated July 1, 2008 -

* Information about New York City's lack of sales tax on clothing purchases under $110 was taken from an article on Manhattan -

* Information about Minnesota's lack of sales tax on clothing purchases was taken from a sales tax summary distributed by the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue dated January, 2009 -

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