Friday, November 27, 2009

Verizon Wireless on Black Friday

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So we've just covered the subject of ordering cheap flowers online on Black Friday.. How is your mobile phone contract doing? Verizon Wireless Online has a few Black Friday Specials of their own going on.

Of course, to qualify for these deals, your order has to meet a few qualifications. All reduced prices on mobile phones from Verizon Wireless will require the activation of a new 2-year contract. Some offers will also require you to sign up for particular plans, such as a mobile broadband plan, a voice plan with email features (per SmartPhone) or a nationwide calling plan. We'll quickly detail for you here the Verizon Black Friday highlights (some available only for today): you can always check Centsible for more featured holiday gift ideas from Verizon.

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Black Friday Offers at Verizon Wireless Only Requiring a New 2-Year Activation

You can get the following offers at Verizon Wireless today with just activating a new 2-year plan (restrictions apply of course - see site for full details)

  • Nokia 7705 Twist™ - $29.99

  • Motorola Entice™ W766 - $19.99

  • Samsung Smooth™ (Grey) - free

  • Samsung Smooth™ (Blue) - free

  • LG HBM-210 Bluetooth - free Black Friday 2009, Nov. 27, ONLY

You can also go a step further and add a plan for further savings. Get a new 2-year activation on a mobile broadband plan and get a Gateway LT™ for $29.99. Get a new 2-year activation on a voice plan with email feature (per SmartPhone), you can buy an HTC Ozone for $9.99 and get another free. A new 2-year activation with a nationwide calling plan (per phone) will get you a Buy One, Get One Free deal on the LG Versa™ at $29.99.

Don't overlook your mobile phone on Black Friday 2009! Just to be fair to the competition though, we're popping over to Wireless by AT&T to see what they have to offer. Back in a few!

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